Thursday, December 1, 2011

Part 2 of 14: Ask The Outpost.

Part 2

As many of you know, I am candidating for the postion of Pastor at Eganville Baptist Church. The vote is December 11 (prayers appreciated). They recently had me up to do a Q&A session on various theological topic. I've decided to post these here in order to foster fellowship/conversation etc...

Some answers may be edited from the original.

Are churches becoming too liberal in today's world?

I think that that's a really broad question, in many ways I think yes, some churches are far too liberal in doctrine and practice, and have even become apostate. and in other ways some churches are far too conservative in doctrine and practice and have become religious and legalistic. Good doctrine is certainly very important and I for one try very hard to remain orthodox, but you have to be careful not to paint with too big of a brush when dealing with these matters. Many if not most of these people may are your brothers and sisters in the faith, it is not our role to condemn them. Be mindful of your own doctrine and beliefs,certainly, and pray for and encourage others when you have opportunity.

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  1. Good answer man. Couldn't have answered it better myself... well let's not go crazy here, I probably could have. I mean, it's me.
    I kid. Same answer I'd've given.